High Commission Officers High Commission Officers

Mr. Manpreet Vohra
High Commissioner
Contact Details :
Tel : +61-2-6273 1920
Fax : +61-2-6273 3328
E-mail: hc.canberra@mea.gov.in


Mr. Suneet Mehta
Deputy High Commissioner
Contact Details :
Tel: +61-2-6273 1106
E-mail: dhc.canberra@mea.gov.in
Mr. Narendra Kumar Rana
Counsellor (C & CW)
Contact Details :
Tel: 02-6225 4900
E-mail: cons.canberra@mea.gov.in
Capt. Akhilesh Menon
Defence Advisor
Contact Details :
Tel: +61 2 6273 7942
E-mail: da.canberra@mea.gov.in
Ms. Ruchika Jain
First Secretary (PI &C)
Contact Details :
Tel: +61-2-6225 4913
E-mail: pic.canberra@mea.gov.in
Ms. Chandrakanta Rathore
Second Secretary (Political)
High Commission of India,
Canberra, Australia
Office No: +61-2-62254917
Mr. Ashok Mandal
Second Secretary (HOC & CW)
Contact Details :
Tel: +61 2 6273 1365
E-mail: hoc.canberra@mea.gov.in
Mr. Harjeet Singh Sethi
Second Secretary (HC Office)
Contact Details :
Tel: +61-2-6273 1920
E-mail: hco.canberra@mea.gov.in
Mr. Yogender Singh
Second Secretary (Pol & Project)
Contact Details :
Tel: +61 2 6225 4940
E-mail: sspol.canberra@mea.gov.in
Mr. Ajay Makhija
Second Secretary, FS(Pol) office
Contact Details :
Tel: +61-2-6225 4934
E-mail: polsec.canberra@mea.gov.in
Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Second Secretary (HCO, Eco & Com)
Contact Details :
Tel: +61-2-6273 1920
E-mail: ecom.canberra@mea.gov.in
Mr. Umakant Sharma
Attaché (Admin)
Contact details
Tel:  +61-2-62254915
E-mail: admn.canberra@mea.gov.in
Mr. Gurdev Singh
Attaché (DHC Office)
Contact details
Tel: +61-2-6273 1106
E-mail: dhc.canberra@mea.gov.in
Mr. Adeesh Lohchab
Attaché (Establishment)
Contact details
Tel:  +61-2-62254912
E-mail: prop.canberra@mea.gov.in
Mr. Varun Chhikara
Attaché (Consular)
Contact details
Tel:  +61-2-62254900
E-mail: ppt.canberra@mea.gov.in
Consular Enquiries (E-mail preferred): ppt.canberra@mea.gov.in
Trade Enquiries: com.canberra@mea.gov.in
Economic & Commercial Wing: ecom.canberra@mea.gov.in

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